1. This is a true story.
2. All the people mentioned are real.
3. Updates will be made.


I’m a foreigner and I will tell you the hell I have been through since I met Nev, or his full name Suchanan Nakmai who is Thai, from Suphanburi in Thailand.

She cheated on me with many other men, she stole almost 400,000 baht, she lied to me, betrayed me and all that for more than 2 years.

First of all she uses several first and last names, she introduces herself to foreigners as Nev and to Thais as Yui. On the internet, she uses different names such as Sam Beaglemixed, Trevory Navison or Ven Vendi. Her real identity is Suchanan Nakmai but she plans to officially change her name to become Varalie or Aarisa (Cf. PE423).

Ref. PE001

Some facts :

  • She started borrowing 13,000 baht she never paid back
  • She then stole me 70’000 baht I sent her
  • She made up stories about debts and problems with the police to cover her lies
  • She was stealing other foreigners in parallel that she never repaid
  • She stole me another 100’000 baht and went on holiday with
  • She paid herself a nose surgery with my stolen money
  • She cheated on me with a 40 year old German right after I left
  • She planned a trip to the United Kingdom to see her lovers with my money
  • She was about to submit a visa application for the United Kingdom full of lies
  • She went to fuck with English, Swiss, German and many others while we were together
  • She stole 30,000 baht from the cash desk of the guesthouse to make me pay the bills
  • She hired her parents for renovations that extorted me money under threat and violence
  • She tried to kill me with a knife twice


Chapter 1: The Meeting
Chapter 2: Back to Bangkok
Chapter 3: Lies
Chapter 4: New start in Chiang Mai


Chapter 1

It all started on March 16, 2016 in Pattaya, with a Tinder match. Some messages, a date, a drink and we slept together. When I arrived in her hotel room at the Best Corner, a condom package was in the trash, when I asked her for an explanation she replied that it was the use of a friend and that it was not her.


Ref. PE100

You will notice that she says in the Tinder conversation that she “is alone, that she eats alone, that she travels alone, that she does everything alone”.
I have trouble understanding how the packaging of a condom can end up in the trash of her hotel room, she never told me which “friend” it was.


Ref. PE101


Ref. PE102

I continued my trip to Thailand, we met again in Bangkok a week later, then I ended my trip by Phuket. As I was spending my last days in Thailand in Phuket, she decided to take a flight from Bangkok and join me for the few days I had left before flying to the Philippines. She stayed at my hotel with breakfast included, taking advantage of the rental car I took to visit, without paying anything.

After some time of travel in Asia, during which we did not stop exchanging by Whatsapp, I came back to Thailand for her, she had rented a condominium in Pattaya by leaving a so-called translator job in Bangkok for which she said she earned 50’000 baht (1300£) per month. That’s when we moved in together.

While I was travelling since I left Phuket on my return to Pattaya, her friend Sophie L. sent me pictures of what she was doing in Pattaya. She was lying to her too, while one day we were returning from Bangkok to Pattaya, Nev told Sophie L. on the phone that we are not in Pattaya (in Thai) then she gave me the phone and I told Sophie L. the truth that we had just arrived (not knowing what they had talked about). Sophie L. exclaimed with an offended look, “But why did she lie to me?”. I didn’t know what to say. Nev is a liar, quite simply.

Ref. PE103

She told me that she had found a job at the Sunbeam Hotel and that she was earning 70,000 baht a month (so a better salary than her previous job in Bangkok). Shortly before arriving, I made her deliver a bouquet of roses at her workplace.

Ref. PE104

We spent several weeks together with shared and fair expenses.

Then one day, in June 2016, we decided to go to Koh Chang for a week, and we agreed that she would pay for the few activities we would do there, and I paid for an excellent hotel with breakfast included.

So we did some activities, but on the day of departure, what she didn’t tell me was that she had put everything on the hotel room bill and that she wasn’t paying for the activities as and when we were doing them.

On the day of departure, while I was packing my luggage in the room, she came to see me on her way back from the hotel reception and told me that her credit card was not working, she asked me to pay and told me that she would refund me as soon as we returned to Pattaya. The invoice was 13’000 baht (320£), I paid immediately, she never refunded me.

Ref. PE105

This loan created our first disputes, since two weeks after our return without her having mentioned it to me once, I started to claim my 13,000 baht. She never had an answer or a repayment date to give me and kept telling me to wait and wait. In her absence, I had the visit of the building staff who came to claim the unpaid and late rent.

I found it surprising to see that she had payment difficulties when she pretented to earn 70,000 baht per month. The amount of 13,000 baht she owed me for the activities in Koh Chang increased to 20,000 baht in the following weeks after various expenses normally 50/50 for which she could not afford to pay her share or simply small loans that she had to repay me the next day and which accumulated because she did not repay and kept letting me pay common expenses in full.

I never recovered the 20,000 baht she had borrowed from me during our few months together and decided to leave Thailand to resume my studies. I continued to claim this amount from abroad, but she never refunded me anything. That’s how it all started, the rest will get worse, I’m so regretting that I didn’t stop there.


  • She had a very recent Samsung phone when I met her, that she didn’t have when I moved back to Pattaya with her, she told me she lost it but with so many lies, one can assume that she may no longer have the means to pay the monthly payments or that she was borrowing it from someone who wanted it back.
  • She also told me when I met her that she had broken up with her previous boyfriend Romain R. on her birthday on July 2nd of last year (in 2015), and that she had not seen or slept with any man since then, until me (it has been 9 months without a relationship, unbelievable when we know her). She also said that her Facebook account had been hacked, which is why she didn’t have many friends and photos on Facebook since everything had been deleted.
  • She told me that she had been in France in the past, in Lyon exactly, but  that time she had no boyfriend and had no relationship during that trip. She has no proof or photo of this alleged trip to France, and assured me that this trip had nothing to do with the fact that Romain R. lives in Lyon.
  • When we met, she swore to me that she had only 4 relationships before me, and that the last one was French, that his name was Romain R. I don’t know who the other 3 are and I never wanted to know. According to her, she never even gave him a blowjob.
  • Nev very often uses contact lenses (including on his passport passport photo, which is prohibited) for mainly aesthetic purposes and was selling them when I met her.

Ref. PE106

  • She told me that she had lent 20,000 baht to her friend named Fah, and that she never gave it back to her because she is in financial difficulties and no longer allowed to have a bank account. She said that this message posted on her Facebook wall on April 11, 2016 was for Fah:

Ref. PE107

  • When we were living together at this time, she came back one day and told me that a robbery had taken place at the Sunbeam Hotel by a staff member who had taken 2000 baht in cash from the cash desk and that she was suspected with two other colleagues, but it was not her. The next day, she told me that she had to pay a third of the amount to reimburse the hotel with her colleagues because they could not identify the guilty person. If this theft really happened, I think today we know who it is.
  • When we returned to Pattaya after our holidays in Koh Chang, she told me she forgot to pick up her ID card from Koh Chang’s scooter rental shop, which she returned by herself while I was packing my bag. In reality, the renter probably kept her identity card because she didn’t pay. She made a new ID the next day in Pattaya.
  • When we went to Laos, she entered with a border pass that allowed her to stay for a maximum of 3 days and only in Vientiane. We stayed there for 6 days and went to Vang Vieng. Knowing that she was in violation on the way back, she crossed the border into Nongkhai by bypassing Laos’ immigration services. She went through the souvenir shops and then headed for the bus to the Thai border.


Chapter 2

A few months passed, during which we did not stop talking to each other and I told myself that I did not want to end our relationship just for 20,000 baht, so I stopped studying end 2016 and I decided to come back, we moved together again to start over on a good basis, and that she would repay me at her own pace.

A month before flying to Bangkok, I sent her 70’000 baht (1700£) because the exchange rate with the euro was very good and this would allow me to have cash in Thai baht on arrival (avoiding ATM withdrawal fees). She received this money in September 2016, and she didn’t give it to me when I arrived, I never saw a single baht of my 70,000 baht. I repeat, she never gave me a single baht of my 70,000 baht, NEVER.

I had just traveled 12,000 kilometers to return live with her in Bangkok, I arrived tired, exhausted from the trip and when, after a night’s sleep I asked her to give me my money, she told me that she could not. We are talking about 70’000 baht, it is a significant amount of money and even more so for Thailand.

I was also very surprised to see that she was not working when I arrived and had not worked during my absence, while she made me understand that she was saving for my come back. But now I understand why, she had just stolen me 70,000 baht, she didn’t need to go to work.

The day after I arrived, there was a huge dispute about the 70,000 baht she didn’t want to give me and she didn’t have the slightest explanation to provide me. She left the apartment (which she had supposedly rented 2 days before my arrival) leaving me alone when I had just left everything to come back and move back with her to a country whose language I didn’t speak and knew nothing.

After two days without going out, I had no choice but to ask her to come back, that’s what she expected and it worked. I didn’t want to believe it when the idea crossed my mind, but I was his foreign pigeon.

So she came back two days later, with no money or excuses.

Too far from the city center of Bangkok, we decided to change apartments and went to visit others to finally find one at 20’000 baht per month (500£). Before signing the lease, I clearly asked her if this amount was suitable for her and if she would be able to pay half (10,000 baht) each month, she said she could but asked me to pay the first month at the signature because she did not have the money.

I accepted and paid 60’000 baht, 20’000 baht for the first month and 40’000 baht deposit (2 months deposit).

*** The debt she now had was 20,000 baht for Koh Chang and Pattaya, 70,000 baht stolen and 10,000 baht in rent, a total of 100,000 baht. ***

Some time went by in this new apartment, I was sleeping extremely badly at night, sometimes not at all, can’t stop thinking about my 70,000 baht gone nowhere. Several disputes a week broke out, in which she screamed, cried and threatened to leave. Sometimes she would leave me alone for several days, and take a minivan to Victoria Monument for Suphanburi and go to her parents’ house at 64/29 Moo 4 Supawan 2 Sanamchai Village, Mueang Suphanburi, 72000 Suphanburi. The aim was always the same, waiting for me to ask her to come back, which put me in a weak position and reversed the roles by making me responsible for this situation to make me feel guilty.

Every month, when the day rent payment came, she NEVER had the money. Similar disputes broke out in which she screamed and cried, and it always ended the same way, I paid the rent and added her share (10,000 baht, half) to the amount she owed me. Then she promised to pay the next rent, which she never did.

The day I wanted to “act”, and not pay until she came with her part of the rent (10,000 baht, half the rent), she left again for Suphanburi with her parents leaving me alone in front of the building staff and the owner who came knocking several times at the door threatening to kick me out without immediate payment (after 18 days late). She told me that she had contacted the owner by phone and that she was giving her extra time, she was lying and just waiting for me to pay. She was not there to face the problem and the deposit was not her money so she was safe and just waiting. I had no choice but to pay, once again, or I was thrown out on the street.

Here is what happened on New Year’s Eve 2016-2017, once again she didn’t answer any questions or confess to any lies and left.

Recorded on December 31, 2016 at 23:53:

*** My voice has been modified, Nev’s voice is unchanged. ***

Audio-exerpt description: She starts by crying, as she always does to create empathy, but that still gives me no explanation for the 70,000 baht she stole me and that’s all I ask. “What is I take your money? When?” she says, it’s pretty staggering to be able to say that after stealing 70,000 baht, never paying me back after Koh Chang and being housed without paying a single month’s rent for 2 months.

Ref. PE200

Audio-exerpt description: In the second part, and as usual, she will try to make me feel guilty by accusing me of not paying any attention to her and not taking her feelings into account by saying “you don’t care about my feelings”. She is trying to get out of the stalemate in which she finds herself faced with questions left unanswered, but to answer, it’s obviously wrong because I loved her. But what does that have to do with the money she stole from me?

Ref. PE201

Audio-exerpt description: When she sees that she still hasn’t gotten the reaction she wanted from me, namely to ask her to come into my arms and forgive her, she keeps screaming, crying and will finally leave. The worst New Year’s Eve of my life, a memory I wish no one.

Ref. PE202

Following this event and in her absence, I created a topic on Pantip.com to ask for help, several people helped me by checking the truth of the thousands of excuses she had for not paying me back. I went to the police, they took my statement and told me to go and see a lawyer.

Ref. PE203

Below is the Pantip.com topic I created and saved before it was deleted (not longer available online):

Ref. PE204

Some comments received:

Ref. PE205

Very quickly, she became aware (by her friends) of the topic created on Pantip.com and came back shortly afterwards asking me to delete it, which I did when she arrived. We rewrote a loan agreement and recorded a video (in English) where she confirms that she owes me this money.

Ref. PE206

The loan agreement (which she has not honored) :

Ref. PE207

Of course everything she said was false, she was pretending to have a second savings account at Kasikorn Bank on which was a part of my 70,000 baht that I had sent her and that she could not withdraw them. She said she had placed this money separately so she wouldn’t be tempted to spend it. For the rest, she told me that she made an international bank transfer several weeks ago via Bangkok Bank, where she does not have a bank account, rather than using a bank in which she has a bank account. She said that it was her half-sister who made the bank transfer in Suphanburi and that she could no longer find the receipt.

Someone at Kasikorn Bank checked his name in the database and she was lying, she had only one savings account with 500 baht of credit. Regarding the international bank transfer, there has never been one.

She held up her lies for several months, saying that she needed her passbook to withdraw the money from her Kasikorn savings account but that it was in Suphanburi and that she had asked her mother to send it to her. Of course, he never arrived and she had no mail tracking number to provide me. After a couple of weeks, I asked her to go to Suphanburi to get a new passbook, she went there and sent me a picture of the police station where she was for a loss report she had to make in order to get a new passbook. She finally returned to Bangkok with a new passbook a few days later. She went so far as to make a passbook with a fake loss report to support her lies.

Everything was in place to finally get my money back the next business day, she had to find another story. She had put an aquarium decoration item on Facebook for sale, which I paid of course because to please her once again, I bought an aquarium and fishes (for about 2000 baht) the previous week, who died 3 days later and we decided to sell the stuff.

The item, a decorative boat to be placed in an aquarium.

Ref. PE208

Anyway, she was selling this item (via a Facebook group) and tells me she has a buyer and an appointment that same evening. She came back 20 minutes later with the item, and told me that it was a fake buyer, that it was actually a policeman who found her and took her ID card, because she had to pay a fine for a stolen television sale case (which she had never told me about). She had no papers and no proof of this talk with this policeman (no receipt and no name, he was wearing a police uniform she said), but without an ID card she could not withdraw my money from the bank. Her story was as follows, she would have sold TVs more expensive than she bought them from another seller, who shipped them directly to the customer, and she earned the difference. However, the televisions were stolen, she was unaware of it, and the police asked her for 18,000 baht to close this case.

The point is that behind all this faked story, she now had a reason not to be able to withdraw my money that she was claiming to keep at Kasikorn Bank on her inexistent second savings account, since the so-called policeman would have taken her ID card. 

Since she had successfully made a new ID card in just 24 hours in Pattaya after supposedly forgetting hers in Koh Chang 6 months earlier, I suggested that she go have a new one made. She told me that it was impossible in Bangkok, because she is from Suphanburi, she had to go to Suphanburi. She has a passport (number AA696559090 Cf. PE207), I told her to show it to Kasikorn Bank as an identity document, but she retorted that the Thai banks only want the identity card for Thais and refuse the passport.

Several weeks later, after learning that she was lying about the existence of the second savings account at Kasikorn Bank where she claimed to have part of my 70,000 baht, she confessed her lie about the existence of this account but kept saying that she had made a bank transfer from Bangkok Bank for part of the amount to my bank account. A transfer for which she has no receipt, no proof and takes no action to find out why I never received anything.

She didn’t apologize, she confessed to a lie to keep lying about everything else. When I told her how I learned about the inexistence of her second savings account, she got angry and shouted that no one was allowed to go to her bank account, that it was private and illegal to have informed me about the balance of her account. She was still unemployed, we put in place a schedule for regular repayment and she made promises, including repaying me, never to lie again, and things became more or less stable.

One day we went out to the Chatuchak market, in order to buy local products, take pictures of them and sell them online. To take great pictures, I bought a portable photo studio (a Udiobox) at 3390 baht that she kept after I left and probably sold it because she never gave it back to me or even wanted to take a photo to prove that she had it despite several requests.

Some of the requests I made to get my Udiobox back.
Ref. PE209

We also went to the pet store at the Chatuchak market, where she wanted to take a dog on a whim. To make her happy I said OK, the dog cost 3800 baht and she only had 500 baht, so I paid the rest and accepted that we pay 50/50 for the dog (1900 baht each) as well as everything else ( stuff, food, vaccines, etc..).

I had to pay for everything (dog food, dog basket, leash and collar, bowls etc.) since she had already left her 500 baht for the dog. Half of everything I spent was added to the amount of debt she never repaid. Even today, this dog still belongs to me (until she refunds me her share).

Ref. PE210

To help her earn money, and since she told me she had worked in a translation company when I met her, I created an account on Fiverr.com to sell freelance English/Thai translation services so that she could earn money and pay me back but she never showed any sign of interest and very often had excuses not to take orders she was getting. I talked to customers, negotiated the best prices, she had nothing to do but translate documents. All of what she earned was deducted from the amount of debt, so the hours I spent talking to the customers were not compensated. This still earned US$800 (in 6 months). However, she was still asking to take the income rather than refund me with it and several times she took the money earned with the translations done rather than using it only to refund me as promised. In addition, she will repeatedly try to cheat by copying the text to be translated into Google Translation, which was immediately visible to me and to customers, who cancelled their orders.

An example of translation (from English to Thai):

The document to be translated: Download the file (8 MO)
Nev’s translation: Download the file (5 MO)

Ref. PE211

After all that, and after having insisted for weeks that she should work, that she should have a real job with a salary to pay her share of the rent, she finally started working at the Majestic Grande Hotel for 10,450 baht per month on 23 January 2017 (I didn’t know how much she was earning that time). I had been here for 3 months and she was only now starting to work, she will only work there for a few weeks until I leave Thailand on March 20, 2017.

Ref. PE212

In the meantime, I helped her to open an online travel agency, which required a license issued by the Tourism Department in Bangkok and a deposit of 100,000 baht (2500£). Being only a security deposit, and not an expense, I agreed to let this deposit with my money (thinking that I would get it back anyway later). She stole me this money by cancelling the licence and collecting the 100,000 baht deposit, without ever telling me and I discovered it a year and a half later.

It’s March 2017, I got tired of all those fights, of paying rent for someone who never repays me, so I told her I’d better leave and she didn’t try to stop me. I booked a flight for the next week and we started looking for someone to take over our rental contract the next month, as it was signed for 1 year. When I was there, we found no one, I left Thailand on March 20, 2017.

Ref. PE213

In the afternoon of March 20 and after I left the apartment by taxi, she rushed to the tourism department located New Petchaburi Rd, Khwaeng Makkasan, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand to collect my 100’000 baht deposit left for obtaining the travel agency license 2 months earlier, without obviously letting me know.

There is a 3-month delay to get it back, she got it on June 20, 2017, and that’s how she stole 100’000 baht (2500£) more from me.

The day I left, I asked her if she could pay my AIS phone bill and close my number by the end of March (because I had a monthly plan). She asked me to give her the amount of the invoice and that she would go and do it. I gave her the money (500 baht), she has never been to pay my AIS bill and it was I who had to make the request by e-mail to AIS to close my phone number. I paid the bill myself in October 2017 when I returned to Thailand with my family (Cf. PE313).

We didn’t break up on this departure, I just couldn’t keep paying and she knew it. I thought that going away for a while would allow her to think about what she did.


  • While she had once again left Bangkok not to face the day rent payment, she told me that a friend who has a travel agency in Suphanburi asked her to be a tour guide for a day, for a trip to River Kwai Bridge and that she was getting 800 baht of salary (she has no guide’s license). So she sent me pictures of the bridge that day, but maybe she was there with someone else.
  • As in Pattaya, a similar story occurred at her workplace at the Majestic Grande Hotel in Bangkok. She came home one day and told me that a cash theft had taken place in a area without CCTV and that she was under suspicion with others of her colleagues. I think we now know who it is. She did not specify the amount or how it ended.
  • We sold some items online after I left (bought at the market in Chatuchak), as I wasn’t there she was the one who had to go and post the items. ALL the orders she supposedly mailed have no tracking number (despite insisting that she send with tracking) and none of the orders ever arrived at the recipient, I had to refund the buyers. The only orders that customers have received are those that I myself sent when I was in Thailand.
  • She told me that she had a credit card in the past but that she no longer wanted to because she had spent more than she had money and had great difficulty repaying the bank. 
  • While she had been working for a few weeks at the Majestic Grande Hotel, she told me that she had been interviewed at the JW Marriott Hotel, she had prepared for the occasion but she would not have been hired. Actually, I don’t know where she went, maybe she was cheating on me with someone else.
  • She told me that she tried to enroll in the Thai police but failed the swimming test because she can’t swim.


Chapter 3

This chapter will use the evidence found in 2018 to cross-check events.

I had been gone for a few days and I asked her if she had found someone to take over the rental contract of our apartment so that I could get back the 40,000 baht deposit I had left. She said that she had two more visits but no one to take over the rental contract. The days passed and I had no news so I asked her what’s going on. She sent me pictures from the new place she was living in (58/323 Moo 13, Room 1/7, Wongjaroen Building, Soi Nakornchai 3, Khlong Luang, 12120 Pathumthani, Thailand), and I saw the bedsheets from the apartment we were renting that belonged to the owner in the picture, which seemed awkward to me.

She told me that the owner came, that she had seen we have a dog when the building forbade it just like the owner and that the owner asked her to leave with the bedsheets, and without getting back my deposit of 40’000 baht. And that’s how she taught me that I had just lost another 40,000 baht.

Ref. PE300

I believed her story, until today. She never talked about it and always avoided the question. To find out more, a year later (in 2018) I asked her to call the owner and ask her why we really couldn’t get the deposit back. She got angry for five minutes, for no reason, refusing to do it. I thought I didn’t have her phone number so I called the building, which gave her the owner’s cell phone number. She was giving me the phone number I was writing while she was on the line, and she intentionally changed the last digit of the phone number to give me a wrong number. Indeed, I already had the owner’s phone number in my contacts (but I forgot) and when I compared the two later, I noticed that she had deliberately given me a fake phone number, so we couldn’t reach her at the time, which is normal. Very clever.

I still don’t know the truth about this story, because I haven’t been able to contact the owner of the apartment, who is named Chutima

8 days after my departure, on March 28, 2017, she posts this picture on Instagram:

Ref. PE301

When I asked her if she was going out, she said “no”. She was lying again. But I trusted her and told myself that she would never go to see someone else.

The next day, she wrote in her diary “finally I can get through it”.

Extract from his diary, found in 2018.
Ref. PE302

She started working on Tinder again (I didn’t know that), and she went to Huahin for the first and only time at the beginning of April, from where she sent me pictures of the dog. She didn’t mention that she had been screwed by a 40-year-old German by the way (Cf. PE422).

Ref. PE303

Back in Bangkok after her trip, she hooked up with a lot of guys and went to fuck with an Englishman according to her, and probably many others. She says she has seen this Englishman several times and that she falls in love with him, however, he returned to the United Kingdom to take care of his father and had to come back two weeks later (Cf. PE423).

During this period, we were still talking together.

Ref. PE304

I would learn later that she was using this same appear.in application with others including Lucas H.

Screenshot of her emails, found in 2018.
Ref. PE305

From time to time I have seen messages like this on his Facebook wall (in 2017):

Ref. PE306

When I asked her what it was and for whom, her answer was always the same “it’s just a friend”.

As mentioned earlier, I just left when she immediately runs to the Bangkok Tourism Department located at New Petchaburi Rd, Khwaeng Makkasan, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand to collect the 100’000 baht deposit I had left. A delay of 3 months was required for this deposit to be released.

So she was secretly preparing how she could enjoy my 100,000 baht, and she was planning to pay herself a trip to Europe, and more particularly to the United Kingdom to see several guys with whom she had cheated on me.

During that time, she told me that she was working in a German factory (without any further details) and that the factory would select an employee to go to London for free. She asked me to provide her screenshots of the reviews she received following the translations she had made on Fiverr.com in order to support her visa application, and not her request to the factory as she said. All of this was lies, she never worked in a factory and she imagined this story of a trip to London to win in her company from scratch.

Ref. PE307

She prepared a visa application for the United Kingdom with a cover letter that is literally full of lies and that she planned to hand over to a government authority.

Ref. PE308

  • « I am currently working as a freelance translator » : She is not doing any translation work other than the orders got on Fiverr.com and these allow me to get a refund, she doesn’t have the slightest will to do them and as shown she has cheated several times by using Google Translation to translate documents in their entirety (Cf. PE211). 
  • « applied my first semester in Ramkhamhaeng university for Humanities English Major bachelor’s degree » : She has not enrolled anywhere, she has not done any studies and has not been to school for years.
  • « I have been working for the last 5 years after my high school to save money […] to continue my dream which is studying in the university » : Instead, she should say that she’s been ripping off strangers for the last five years, just to take their money and that she plans to finance this trip with my stolen money.
  • « my purpose of travel to the UK is Tourism sightseeing and to talk to the real native speakers » : She already speaks with real English speakers all the time, all those with whom she has cheated on me. She only wants to travel for herself and find the men she slept with so that one of them can take care of her.
  • « I want to spend a short time in the UK before I will start to studying on my bachelor’s degree in few weeks » : She has not done any studies and has no intention of starting, she is lying again.
  • « I have been interested in British […] books, Harry Potter is my most favorite book » : She reads absolutely no books, neither in Thai nor in English. The day you see Nev reading a book, pigs fly.
  • « I have to come back for my new semester in the university. This is very important to me because it is my aim » : She will not do any studies it is a huge lie that allows her to support the reasons for her return to Thailand.
  • « I have to help my mother […] my mother is busy working » : Her mother, Suraphiphan Srimuang, uses Nev to transfer money through her bank accounts and withdraw it in cash (Cf. PE410). So it is indeed a kind of help, which certainly hides an illegal activity.
  • « I have a very lovely dog to look after because he lives with me […] nobody can look after him more than 7 days » : The dog I paid and that she never paid back, she leaves him without any problem for more than 7 days without her (Cf. PE311).
  • « I have to come back to work and earn money to pay my university fees in the future » : She continues to lie about her so-called studies.
  • « I am holding a one year rental contract » : This is the apartment rental contract that we had and that I was paying for that she attached to the letter. She left this apartment but kept the contract became obselete.

She had also made a folder, which was preceded by some drafts, with the intention of submitting it to the British Embassy in Bangkok.

Ref. PE309

She explains in her financial statements that she has several bank accounts, including an account at TMB in her draft to change versions in the final letter, explaining that it is used to save her money and that she will pay for a part of the trip by credit card. She has no credit card and to my knowledge no TMB account. She mentions that the 100,000 baht which have just appeared comes from an account she has just closed (at Krungthai Bank). That’s right, it’s my 100,000 baht that I left as a deposit for her to get a travel agency license from the Bangkok Tourism Department on January 24, 2017. I withdrew this amount from my own account at the ATM of the same bank that day, a few minutes earlier.

Ref. PE310

On June 20, 2017, she picked up and stole this 100’000 baht deposit.

After that she finally paid herself holidays in Chiang Mai, by placing the dog in a dog hotel for 2 weeks, during which she went to fuck, behind my back, with lots of guys in Chiang Mai by staying at Victoria Nimman Hotel, all this with my money.

Ref. PE311

The months went by, we were still talking through Whatsapp and Line, and she said she wanted to do a nose surgery. I found it very surprising that she found the funds to have plastic surgery when she couldn’t refund me. I didn’t know anything about she had already been to fuck with others and was still doing it, I didn’t know she had stolen me 100,000 baht, and nevertheless I tried to convince her not to do this surgery so that she would stay natural.

Conversations excerpts between Nev and me on Line.
Ref. PE312

She didn’t listen to me and she bought herself a 15,000 baht nose surgery with my money. Personally I don’t see the difference, and she now has permanent pain if there is pressure on the upper part of her nose.

More than 6 months have gone by since I left, during which time we have always talked together. Meanwhile, I didn’t know she was living on my 100,000 baht.

In October 2017, I was back in Thailand on a family trip via Bangkok, Chiang Mai and then Koh Chang, and I invited Nev to join us. She accepts, but asks me to pay for her roundtrip flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai because I quote “she has no money”, which I do. As soon as we arrived in Chiang Mai, I rented her a scooter to get around, me and my family were moving by taxi. During this stay, we went to Elephant Nature Park, did the Segway Gibbon tour as well as Thai cooking classes and a private Speedboat tour in Koh Chang, Nev enjoyed all these activities (and many restaurants) without paying a single baht. When we weren’t together, she went to see other guys she was sleeping with, but I didn’t know.

Ref. PE313

To get around and visit Bangkok, as well as for our roundtrip transfer from Bangkok to Koh Chang (including ferry) we rented a minivan with driver, she paid nothing even though the driver picked up the dog at her home 45 km from Bangkok before picking us up at Suvarnabhumi airport on our return from Chiang Mai to bring us to Koh Chang.


  • Sometimes I asked her if she was dating, she obviously replied “no”. However she told me that she been on a date that her friend Salisa T. had with a guy, and that she was the only one talking with him because her friend, too shy, said nothing.

Ref. PE314


Chapter 4

We had just met again thanks to the family trip I had made, and I proposed to her to move in together again in Chiang Mai because I really loved this city and she told me she loved it as well. We then talk about opening a very simple guesthouse there and 10 days after my return, I took a flight back to Thailand and stayed there for 12 days (I was working and had to head back home) to find the perfect place to live in Chiang Mai, and if we didn’t find it I would at least spend some more time with her.

She had worked as receptionist in several hotels (Vasidtee City Hotel Suphanburi, Sunbeam Hotel Pattaya, Majestic Grande Bangkok) and the opening of this small guesthouse would have allowed her to manage her own business and me to stay with her.

She told me that she had no money, and asked me to pay for her train ticket from Bangkok to Chiang Mai shortly before I arrived (I guess to see other guys and cheat on me), I did. I paid online by credit card.

Ref. PE400

Once there, we rented a scooter (which I paid for, of course) and started looking for a building to rent that matched our needs, and after a couple of days of searching we finally found something. The rental contract is signed (in her name) and I pay 1 month’s rent (25’000 baht) and 2 months’ deposit (50’000 baht), I only have one week left before I had to leave Thailand, and therefore help her to prepare the building in which she would live and which would be a small guesthouse.

As mentioned earlier, she told me she didn’t have any money, I asked her how much she needed for a month and she answered 15,000 baht. So I lent her the amount of 15,000 baht that she was supposed to give me back as soon as she made profits with the guesthouse. She never gave me that money back.

During this last week there, I bought beds, mattresses, blankets, bed sheets and linen, a desk as a reception, a scooter (registration in her name because she said it was not possible to put it in my name), a washing machine, a dryer, a fridge, a microwave, a coffee maker, cooking plates, furnitures, I had the hot water installed in the bathroom and an air conditioning in the room, and I even bought the dog’s food for 2 months. I spent almost 500,000 baht (12’500£) to give her everything she needed to get started. SHE DIDN’T PAY ANYTHING.

Ref. PE401

We finish just in time, I leave Thailand and it opens the next day (early November 2017). She knew that I would come back in January 2018 (2 months later), because I was working and I couldn’t come back before or stay any longer to help her.

She stayed alone for 2 months running the hotel, during which time she told me she was tired, sick and working hard.

Ref. PE402

However, here is what she was doing with Sven Van Asseldonk on January 2, 2018, she doesn’t seem very sick.

Ref. PE403

When I was trying to find out if she was cheating on me, she replied that she was not, going so far as to swear on the King of Thailand, respected by everyone but clearly not by Nev.

Ref. PE404

When I arrived in January 2018, I gave her Christmas and New Year’s presents. An external battery because she never has a battery on her phone, a Pandora bracelet with a charm and a certificate of the best girlfriend.

Ref. PE405

In return, she told me that the guesthouse have cash flow problems forcing me to pay 20,000 baht immediately, otherwise the bills and rent could not be paid. According to the accounts, it is impossible for the guesthouse to be in this situation, I estimate that she took about 30,000 baht for herself on the pretext of fictitious expenses and low profits while knowing that I would arrive to cover the deficit. I had no choice, I paid. She also asks me to buy some food for the dog who no longer has any. I did it.

In the days that followed she brought me to many places that she apparently knew very well. While she never told me where she was going or what she was doing, apart from working, being tired or sick. However, she knew all the bars, nightclubs and their opening hours, as well as the waiters and bouncers, although she had never lived in Chiang Mai before.

Less than two weeks later (end of January 2018), we decided to make some changes to make the interior of the guesthouse as we like. I don’t speak Thai so I ask her to find out about the local building companies and that’s when she tells me that her parents can do it, because I quote “she doesn’t trust anyone else”.

I do agree, without knowing that I’m making a terrible mistake.

Her mother, Suraphiphan Srimuang and her husband Deaw Suphan (เดี่ยว สุพัน) (with two others workers including her uncle) were hired to do some work (painting, door repairs, adding interior partitions and doors, etc.). The list of tasks to be done had been pre-established.

They didn’t buy any materials, I had to buy everything at their request, but they asked for a deposit of 40,000 baht before starting work, which I paid. They stayed 5 days on site, free of charge in air-conditioned rooms while the guesthouse was closed for the occasion, using my scooter without even asking me permission, simply by taking the keys whenever they wanted.

At the sight of the final result, of dreadful quality (door handle mounted upside down, bad paint, leaning ceiling light, door not closing, unsealed holes, pipe leaks….) and half of the work had not been done (unfinished paint, incomplete table, unassembled door, light switch still in the packaging, cables not removed, the list is so long…), I refused to pay the amount of 26’000 baht (amount they found themselves) they were claiming when they were leaving saying they had finished.

They came into my room at 7.00am that morning without knocking at the door, standing around me and howling. Deaw Suphan (เดี่ยว สุพัน) brutally ripped the blanket off my bed while I was sleeping, holding a 90-centimetre wooden stick in his hand. There was a very short talk and they decreased the amount to 13,000 baht (half of their initial claim) and then they started to become violent by threatening to destroy everything because I refused to pay anything until it was over. The wooden stick that was used as a weapon and that Suraphiphan Srimuang held with a strong hand was pointed in our direction as she tried to reach us, me and Nev who were sitting on the bed. After avoiding this attempt, Suraphiphan Srimuang used this weapon to hit the ceiling chandelier (which was new and that I had just bought anyway) and hit the walls very hard.

Still highly violently, Suraphiphan Srimuang tried to hit something else, so she came out of the room and blew up a glass chandelier and its bulb. Pieces of glass were ejected everywhere. Below is the audio excerpt of this part.

*** My voice has been modified, the others are unchanged. ***

Ref. PE406

*** The full audio recordings will be made available to the relevant authorities. ***

At this moment, I thought of my life, I realized this person was mentally retarded and deficient. I decided to pay them to leave the property. They saw me in a weak position and increased the amount requested to 15,000 baht.

Immediately after they had gone, I went to the police station. I filed a police report, and asked for a police investigation to recover the amount of 15,000 baht paid under threat of being beaten, to see the property destroyed or my stuff stolen, and even worse, being killed.

They left leaving cigarette butts on the ground, beer capsules on balconies, floors and furnitures, cooked rice spilled over and spread on the ground, paint stains on badly protected furnitures and objects. Nothing was cleaned, until the toilets were left with urine on the edges.

Ref. PE407

Ref. PE408

The next day, I found my scooter with the rear tire flat. What a coincidence.

Ref. PE409

When I asked Nev if she was involved in this extortion of which I had just been the victim (being her mother, uncle and stepfather), she swears that she was not.

Suraphiphan Srimuang also makes suspicious transactions of large amounts of money, using the bank accounts of third parties, including her daughter Suchanan Nakmai to withdraw all in cash (Cf. PE309). Indeed, when I asked Nev about the amounts of money received on 2 January 2017 of 200,000 baht (5000£) and 108,000 baht (2700£), she said “it’s my mom”.  According to her daughter, she also regularly participates in a clandestine and illegal lottery.

I am curious to know what kind of family traffic Suraphiphan Srimuang and Suchanan Nakmai are doing to get such amounts of money, following their situation. Drug dealing? Weapons trading? Money laundering?

The identity of Suraphiphan Srimuang and Deaw Suphan (เดี่ยว สุพัน)

Ref. PE410

First name: Suraphiphan (สุระพีพรรณ)
Last name: Srimuang (ศรีม่วง)
Date of birth: 17 Juin 1976
Identity card number: 3 7206 00332 33 9
Bank: Bangkok Bank
Mobile phone number: 097-227-3617 / +66 97-227-3617
Address: 64/29 Moo 4 Supawan 2 Sanamchai Village, Mueang Suphanburi, 72000 Suphanburi, Thailand
Facebook profile (สุระพีพรรณ ศรีม่วง): https://www.facebook.com/100009118525157
Facebook page (Kawhom FC): https://www.facebook.com/100004204638478
Vehicle license plate:  2ฒจ 8367 (Mitsubishi Triton Plus, noir)

Ref. PE411

Facebook friends list and photos:

Chanita Saksriprasert
Chutimas Kanphong
Nam Bang Sai
เดี่ยว สุพัน
สุพรรณี เกิดมั่น
เพยาว์ จิตรประมาณ
Amornrat Prapaiboon
Panya Singkhan
สมบัติ เกิดมั่น
Chanachai Pankhong
เอกพล พูสุวรรณ
วัชรากร เหล็กกล้า
Natcha Choksomngam
Sorasit Hnguantat
ชนาพร เจริญยิ่ง
ธนกร รู้ระวังภัย
Warin Buaroy
Baikhao Nichanun
ช่าง สมศักดิ์ บางไทร
วันเพ็ญ จิตอุภัย
Kroekrit Thawikan
Pi Pat Thonkanya
เหมือนขวัญ ต่าย วงษ์สุวรรณ
น้ำ ห่อหมก
ใบเฟิร์น อู๊ดๆ
Thanakorn Susoh
Nu A Aimaim
เหน่ง สุพรรณบลัด
ศุภโชค คำจริง
Mananchaya Rattanapruek
จิตรลดา ผาสุขทรัพย์
แสงอรุณ สุขชูศรี
Kamonwan Jumpagune
Montree Yurakkun
Espresso Ma Dam Sang
Biww Biw
ภูมิ เดโชบุญญานนท์
Nattapong Prite Yimpradid
Denchai Denchaipradit
Montira Phengjad
Sitanun Giftgolf
Tree Rlaid Navanakorn
Raveepan Meeanan
Tee Sompan
นิษา กิ่งแก้ว
Kawhom FC
นายสมศักดิ์ นาคยศ
เทวี ผาสุขทรัพย์
Pakpirat Kerdmun
Ros Ros
Pramote Choksomngam
พยอม ผาสุขทรัพย์
เดชา ซ่องสกุล
เดี่ยว อิสระ
สมศักดิ์ นาคยศ
มณิตา ภูเจริญ
Wichian Yodprage
Nontawit A Monwach
ประไพพร รื่นโป่ง
อ๊อด ภิญโญ
Anawat Phumman
นนท์ธวิทย์ อมรเวช
เอ เอ เอ
Anawat Phumman
Ta To Zaza
Sompong Phroncharan
สราวุธ เทพรักษ์
Lungnoi Pengjad
ตี๋ใหญ่ เมืองสุพรร
แม่เอิ้นกะพี่พีม ค๊าฟ
Namfon Jitpasit
บิวโฟ้ย โฟ้ย
Amornrat Prapaiboon
มาโนช หนองสานแตร
Aom Janhromkun
Sirinya Srebunpeng
Chana Numahunt
David Nash Raheem
Kajornsak Yoonan
Sorasit Hnguantat
Namfon Bumrungpet
Sumaet Intaeng
สืบศักดิ์ ปานมณี
สงกรานต์ ปาละพันธ์
เสาวณี เหล็กกล้า
เจไอ จิรวุฒิ เจริญยศ
หนึ่งคุง ศรัทธาธรรม
Anniez KM
Kasamsak Photikul
Worradech Kanokwan Tarusadamrongdech
คน ตัวดำ
กุหลาบ ประไพบูลย์
Benjar Soonthonvipat
Saranya Prapai
จ๊ะเอ๋ ณ.ห่อหมก
Chutinan Kae
โจ แบล็ค
โอ๋ บ้านกร่าง
Kanokwan Poosuwan
น.ไง จะใครล่ะ
Best Sooksomwan
พอนะ กูขอ โพดำ
เทวี ผาสุขทรัพย์
Sammy Nisa
ศิลา อยู่ชมวงษ์
กมลลักษณ์ รักจันทร์
โจ๊ก จั๊บ เส้น
หนู เชอรี่
ลุงน้อย เอ็นโซน
Maytaya Namsai
ฉัตรชัย ไพโรจน์นันทกุล
ทูล สุพรรณ
สุพรรณี เกิดมั่น
Apiwich Phulek
ปลา สุพรรณ
Rut Anirut
นายต้นรัก สุพรรณบุรี เอฟ ซี
Nukik SP
ช่างอ้น ท่าแพใต้
Ponlawat Wangkahad
Pornpirat Boonjong
Supichai Prapai
อัตพร อยู่ขำ
อึ่ง ฉัตรภินันท์ เกริกเกียรติศิลา
Chaleng Thipsamritkul
D Teach Marshall
Saranyoo Prapai
Leo Thongmak
Puchcharee Chasonrum
Phantee Sriwilai
Punya Siripan
อธิชัย โก๊ะ จู่คงทน
Ak Kamon
Wanwisa Phengsrikhot

Ref. PE412

First name: Deaw (เดี่ยว)
Last name: Suphan (สุพัน)
Facebook profile (เดี่ยว สุพัน): https://www.facebook.com/100007661806799

Facebook friends list and photos:

Amornrat Prapaiboon
Saranya Prapai
แสงอรุณ สุขชูศรี
Vun Monrudee
เทวี ผาสุขทรัพย์
สุพรรณี เกิดมั่น
Pilaiporn Junsing
David Nash Raheem
Sumalee Jitrat
Ta To Zaza
ชาลี อรุณวรรณ์
Nu A Aimaim
เต้นกำนันเก่ง คาร์เซ็นเตอร์
นิวัฒน์ โพธิ์พันเหมือน
เอนก จิตรพิษ
จิรพันธ์ ปั้นคง
นนท์ธวิทย์ อมรเวช
เหี้ย ต้อง เหี้ย ไห้สุด
Num Nom
มน โตโยต้า
Sureerat Jitsalee
สมหมาย ใหมทอง
เพยาว์ จิตรประมาณ
Chanachai Pankong
กุหลาบ ประไพรบลูลล์
พีรดิษฐ์ รู้ระวังภัย
สมศักดิ์ นาคยศ
Aers Paca
สุกัญญา นะค่ะ
Gowit Jitprapan
Rose Jiapipat
ปอน บางไทร
สมหมาย ใหมทอง
Chanachai Pankhong
ศิลา อยู่ชมวงษ์
กุหลาบ กุหลาบ ประไพบูลย์
Nin Nin
อมีนา ครีเพชร์
นิวัฒน์ โพธิ์พันเหมือน
Panya Singkhan
สมยศ รุณเจริญ
สมหมาย ใหมทอง
หอยขม อารมณ์ดี
บักนพ’พพพพพ หลอน’นนนนน
Nontawit A Monwach
บารมี พิฆเนศ
ช่าง สมศักดิ์ บางไทร
อ๊อด ภิญโญ
Thanakorn Susoh
Sudarut Musigo
ชีวิตที่เรียบง่าย ช้มันไปวันๆ
Tomme Civil
Chaleng Thipsamritkul
Chutinan Kae
อัจฉราพร นาคยศ
พอนะ กูขอ โพดำ
Namfon Jitpasit
จ๊ะเอ๋ ณ.ห่อหมก
จิตรลดา ผาสุขทรัพย์
Supichai Prapai
Best Sooksomwan
Wanphen Chitauphai
ธนาภรณ์ ถาวรโชติ
Gowit Jitprapan
สมพร จิตโสภา
วนิดา จัตุพล
สมชาย อนุกูลวงศ์
Wanusporn Chumboonchu
เพยาว์ จิตรประมาณ
วัชระ มนตรี
Chutimas Kanphong
นิษา กิ่งแก้ว
สมบัติ เกิดมั่น
ลูกชาย คนเล็ก
Thanawat Seesuvan
จตุรภัทร กัลพงษ์
พชรพล คงงาม คงงาม
ประดิษฐ์ อมรเวช
Tomme Civil
ส. วงค์สุวรรณ
Wanusporn Chumboonchu
สมพิศ เกิดมั่น
Sureerat Jitsalee
Foke Yuchomwong
นิวัฒน์ โพธิ์พันเหมือน
โกวิท จิตประพันธ์
เบียร์ รู้ปะอะหะ
ผู้หญิง ทำงาน
ลักษณ์ คเณศ
วันเพ็ญ จิตอุภัย
Warin Buaroy
สมยส รุณเจริญ
หนู เชอรี่
Kabir Ahmed
ชาลี อรุณวรรณ์
รอสาย คนโสด
ใบเฟิร์น อู๊ดๆ
กำจรเดช สุวรรณประทีป
Koung Za
สุพรรณี เกิดมั่น
Nattarat Khongman
Nam Bang Sai
ปานทอง หมึกย่าง
Biw Sooksomwan
Kawhom FC
เฉลย เพียรทอง
Saranyoo Prapai
Sukunya Naka
เหน่ง ซ่า
กิตติพงษ์ สามโคก
สมชาย สุวรรณประทีป
Warin Bauroy
Worradech Kanokwan Tarusadamrongdech
กุหลาบ ประไพบูลย์
อริษา ประไพบูลย์
สุระพีพรรณ ศรีม่วง
Amnart Pongjit
Wawa Niyomtong
พักพิราษ เกิดมั่น
Sudarat BeemCc
Kanokwan Poosuwan
น้องปอ คนเดิม
Ank Sripet
กู เฟิร์ส บางไทร
น้ำ ห่อหมก
กรูเด็ก พระนครฯ
บิวโฟ้ย โฟ้ย
Pakpirat Kerdmun
เก้า ธารา
ฉัตรฤดี กฤษาณภัค
Ning Ning
วันเพ็ญ จิตอุภัย
สุนทร เริ่มมีสุขสันต์
สมพิศ เกิดมั่น
อำพร จิตขันธี
ชื่อ เอริท
โอ๋ บ้านกร่าง
สำรัด ปั้นแพทย์
รุ่งมานะ มีสมสัตย์
เอนก จิตรพิศ
วันเพ็ญ จิตอุภัย
เอ เอ เอ
ศิลา อยู่ชมวงษ์
ช.แชมป์ เองคับ
สิ่งมีชีวิต ที่คิดได้แระเจ็บเป็น
อธิชัย โก๊ะ จู่คงทน
Amornrat Prapaiboon
สงกรานต์ ปาละพันธ์
Princess TukTik
แค่คน’ เลว
Noom Sutep

Ref. PE413

Their business card for renovation work:

Ref. PE414

A few more weeks had gone by, I had to go to Laos for my student visa, and Nev came with me. Since it was Valentine’s Day, I booked a 5-star hotel in Vientiane with breakfast for the celebration, and we left for 3 days. Regarding transport and food, expenses had to be shared, but once again SHE HAS NOT PAID ANYTHING.

In April 2017, my mom traveled to Chiang Mai for her holidays. She gave Nev some gifts when she arrived, including a towel with her first name embroidered on it, a Kenzo perfume, a make-up palette and an extra charm to add to her Pandora bracelet that I gave her in January when I was back in Thailand. She is delighted to show them through Instagram stories, without indicating from whom it comes for obvious reasons.

Ref. PE415

For two weeks, my mom paid her for plenty of restaurants and cocktails, as well as all the activities we did (Karen Long Neck Village, hot springs, massages…) and we even rented a car to get to Pai, NEV HAS NOT PAID ANYTHING.

Ref. PE416

Moreover, Nev, who did not have a driving licence, didn’t drive and left me and my mom to drive the 6-hour round trip from Chiang Mai to Pai.

An anecdote, one time my mom needed to change euros into baht, Nev went to change them in a bank while we were waiting outside, but she couldn’t resist the urge to take a picture of the banknotes.

Photo found on her phone.
Ref. PE417

While I had been asking Nev for almost a year for the 100,000 baht deposit I had left last year for the online travel agency she had started, she kept telling me that she had asked for it, making me wait with various lies such as “the person in charge is not there” or “all the staff is in seminar”, stories that were always very wobbly. I called the tourism department many times (02-214-1386 / +66 2-214-1386) from my phone and it was her who was talking, in Thai.

During the last call in early April, Nev told me that this tourism department asked her to come on April 12 exactly to pick up the deposit in Bangkok. I pay Nev the flight ticket from Chiang Mai to make the round trip within the day and she asks me for cash for transport and food expenses, I accept and give her 1000 baht. Nev being away, me and my mom always on holidays, spent the day at the guesthouse cleaning up the building from top to bottom. When Nev arrived in Bangkok, she wrote to me to tell me that the tourism department is closed. 

The truth is, Nev knew perfectly well that the latter would be closed on April 12, but she still let me pay her a day in Bangkok to support her lies, because I still didn’t know she had stolen it from me. She will not hesitate to lie more about saying that many people are waiting like her in front of the entrance.

Ref. PE418

What a surprise to discover that she was actually with another man, Samuel.

Conversation found on her phone.
Ref. PE419

When I found out that she had gotten my deposit back and stolen it last year, I asked her what she was talking about when I called the Tourism Department, she said, quote, “I was saying bullshit”. When she was back from Bangkok, she had spent the 1000 baht and her day in Bangkok had cost me 4000 baht.

We celebrated Songkran together, but Nev didn’t even pay for his water gun, we paid her.

April 16 is the end of the holidays for my mom whom I will be going to Bangkok for her last day and I will return the next day. Nev, who stayed in Chiang Mai, tells me that she is tired and that she will sleep.

Ref. PE420

These pictures were taken by her phone that night after she went to sleep:

Photos found on her phone.
Ref. PE421

On April 24th at 10:40am she decided to leave while I was under shower, stealing the 8000 baht in cash in our room as well as the scooter I bought (registered in her name because she said at the time of buying that it was impossible to put it in my name), depriving me of any way to move and cash. I would later learn that Khoa Hom (ข้าวหอม) strongly encouraged her to take action.

She disappeared for 24 hours without giving the tiniest news (unreachable phone number, no message delivered either on Line, Whatsapp or Messenger), leaving me alone with the guesthouse full of guests.

I didn’t sleep that night, she had never done that before, leaving and making herself unreachable while stealing cash and my scooter.

After that sleepless night, I decided on the morning to get my mind busy, to tidy up and I opened the boxes that her parents had brought back from Suphanburi when they came in January for the interior renovations (which they used to extort me 15’000 baht Cf. PE406). These boxes must have contained belongings and clothes that I could not take when I left Thailand in March 2017.

In these boxes, I’m going to find a folder that will definitely put an end to all this.

This sheet, which she wrote, relating some of her relationships in 2017 after I left.

Ref. PE422

After a first reading I didn’t believe it, before quickly realizing it was really her handwriting.

I had just learned that she had been fucking a 40-year-old man in Huahin last year, when I had just left Thailand. And to think she was sending me pictures of Sam that time (the dog I bought Cf. PE210) while telling me about her journey (Cf. PE303).

This sheet also mentions another guy, an Englishman she has seen many times. This Englishman would apparently have left her without coming back, to the United Kingdom as she tried to find the best possible wording to tell him how much she loved him.


Ref. PE423

It is from this sheet, and the notes “Varalie Nakmai” and “Aarisa” in the upper right corner that I think she is planning to change her first and last name to continue scamming new foreigners without being pursued by her past. I learned that it was not so difficult to change of names for Thais. It was an idea that had already crossed her mind and that she had told me about in 2016 when we had only been together for a few months.

Facebook conversation of August 8, 2016 between Nev and me.
Ref. PE424

I found other sheets with a lot of notes. Messages she was probably sending to her lovers, as well as how she could spend the 100,000 baht she stole from me.

Ref. PE425

I also found a Western Union receipt.

Ref. PE426

To find out more, I e-mailed the person who sent her that money. Nev had to send him some Thai products, which she did not do; and also borrowed money (3000 baht) from him that she never repaid.

Ref. PE427

Finally, I found a complete folder for a trip to the United Kingdom and a visa application (Cf. PE309).

This time it was over, but I wanted to make sure to check the informations found. She finally resumed the conversation after more than 24 hours without any news. As usual, she lied on her way out of town by saying that she had left town on the scooter without knowing where she was going or where she was sleeping, that she had gotten lost somewhere in Thailand.

In reality she was at someone’s house in Chiang Mai, probably a guy she cheated on me with since between the time she left (about 10:40am) and the time the train left (3:30pm) she took this picture at 12pm (the dog in a bed I don’t know, in which she probably had just fucked a guy before leaving town):

Ref. PE428

Then she took the 3:30pm train from Chiang Mai to Ayutthaya to do the remaining part of the way to Suphanburi with my scooter (information checked after seeing her ticket on the way back).

She spent the night at her parents’ house at 64/29 Moo 4 Supawan 2 Sanamchai Village, Mueang Suphanburi, 72000 Suphanburi, Thailand then made the return to Chiang Mai from Suphanburi by scooter and with the dog. It took her two days, she slept in a hotel halfway there.

She paid for her 3-day roadtrip with the money stolen from our room, when she came back the scooter had 1000 km more on the mileage meter and was damaged. I paid for the repairs.

When she came back home, I didn’t say anything about what I had learned. After all these discoveries, I wanted to check if everything I had found was the past or if she was hiding more than that by doing something I never thought I would have to do, which was to look in her phone and stuff for the first time.

Her phone, an iPhone 5, which in reality is mine that she has been using since she threw hers against a wall in an excess of anger in February 2018, a strategy to get my phone newer and faster than the one she had because she knew I was keeping this iPhone 5 in my bag as a emergency phone. Besides, it had allowed me to come across e-mail exchanges with Lucas H.

Ref. PE429

So my iPhone 5, which she had been using for a few months, was no longer working properly, I pretexted wanting to make an iTunes diagnosis by connecting it to my computer and I simply made a backup of the data.

A few minutes later, I was able to read the backed up data and read her Whatsapp, Line conversations and access the photos.

What I found there will literally destroy me. Recent conversations with other guys but also one, Lucas H., to whom she told everything that happened to us turning events to her benefit, forgetting to tell everything she did to me. He recommended her to kick me out of the place where we live, because the rental contract is in her name. They were sending each other videos:

Ref. PE430

Then there is this Line conversation with Paddy D., an Englishman, member of a group called the Budgeteers (@thebudgeteers on Instagram).

Conversation between Paddy D. and Nev, found on her phone.
Ref. PE431

On April 22, 2018 while we were together, she was talking about meeting Paddy D. who already seems to be used to seeing her. I guess the one who was supposed to go to the United Kingdom last year to take care of her father and whom she seemed to care about was Paddy D. (Cf. PE423). It may even be the “fuck boy” she mentions in her letter (Cf. PE422), otherwise it is just one more.

There is another with Sven Van Asseldonk (Cf. PE403).

Conversation between Sven Van Asseldonk and Nev, found on her phone.
Ref. PE432

But also a guy named Thomas:

Conversation between Thomas and Nev, found on her phone.
Ref. PE433

And so many other chats (with Phillip, Kon, Lewis, Jonas…) whose history has been deleted, she had to clean up regularly to prevent me from running into it by chance.

After discovering all this, I was afraid of being kicked out of the place, after she stole and cheated on me, she would have kicked me out legally and there was nothing I could have done. I contacted a third party to take over the rental contract and my scooter in their name. I contacted the landlord and arranged an appointment two days later to change the name of the rental contract, without telling her. For two days, I had to act like everything was fine, it was unbearable.

She kept hiding things, leaving, refusing to let me go with her and hiding where she was going.

When the D-day arrived, the necessary documents were signed and Nev lost ownership of my scooter and the rental contract for the building. Nev couldn’t kick me out or leave again with my scooter or it would be a theft. I learned from this meeting with the landlord that Nev had 9300 baht (230£) in overdue rent, even though she always told me she was paying the rent. In reality, selfish, she was once again keeping money for herself at the expense of paying bills.

It turned her crazy, she screamed, kicked walls, doors, kicked the furnitures, tried to kill me twice and finally spent the night there and left the next morning.

All this was recorded by voice recorder. There are several hours of recording, key moments have been cut off, the full recordings will be made available to the relevant authorities.

*** My voice has been modified, Nev’s voice is unchanged. ***

Audio-exerpt description: After the landlord left and the documents were signed, she started by kindly telling me that the person who signed the papers was lucky she didn’t kick her face.

Ref. PE434

Audio-exerpt description:  Then she said that I should sleep with this person because she couldn’t be helping me for free, which I told her I never cheated on her.

Ref. PE435

Audio-exerpt description:  She then asked me if I had put the scooter in the name of this person, I said “yes”. She then insulted me, started screaming that it was disrespectful and how could I “do this to her”? For reminder, I paid for this scooter in full and a few days earlier she left by stealing it from me for 3 days and bringing it back damaged (and I had to pay for the repairs). On top of that she steals my money and goes fuck a lot of other guys while I’m gone. I only put the papers of my scooter in the name of another person, to prevent her from leaving with it again and stealing it from me in all legality.

Ref. PE436

Audio-exerpt description:  She asks me how I can prefer to put someone else’s name as the owner of my scooter rather than keep the name of my girlfriend I’ve been with for 2 years? She says that without any shame, looking me in the eyes, forgetting to say that she spread her legs and opened her mouth to a dozen guys, behind my back, while we have been together for more than 2 years.

Ref. PE437

Audio-exerpt description:  She tells me how disgusted she is by the name change of my scooter’s papers, imagine the disgust I can feel when I knew what she was doing when I wasn’t there.

Ref. PE438

Audio-exerpt description:  Then she calmed down and told me that she was “not stupid”, that she had experience in this kind of thing and that it was already seen for her, and that a good girl would never do that to help me. What an irony.

Ref. PE439

Audio-exerpt description:  She continued to support her arguments with a twisted theory that only the kind of person she is could have imagined, saying that with the ownership of my scooter this third person could pawn it on a bank loan and that without refunding the monthly payments the bank would take my scooter. Isn’t it something she’s already done?

Ref. PE440

Audio-exerpt description:  She then tells me that she is the one who loves me since 2 years, without any shame once again. She dares to say that, when she’s going to get fucked by a lot of dudes at the first opportunity.

Ref. PE441

Audio-exerpt description:  After changing the name of my scooter’s registration, the third person came back to bring me the scooter and keys and left immediately. Nev who was there screamed again, claiming that she had looked at her as if she was “a shit”, without even smile. A further senseless staging aimed only at making her look like a victim and creating empathy. That being said, I don’t understand how she hopes to be seen after what she has done.

Ref. PE442

Audio-exerpt description:  She gets mad again, screaming and hitting everything she can reach by yelling “how can you do this to me?”.

Ref. PE443

2nd part

Audio-exerpt description:  Things calmed down, so I asked a few questions, starting with her stay in Huahin last year when she had sex with a 40-year-old German guy whom she described in her letter as “very attractive” (Cf. PE422). She didn’t confess anything.

Ref. PE444

Ref. PE445

Ref. PE446

Audio-exerpt description:  I moved on to the visa application for the United Kingdom as well as the English she mentioned in her letter asking her for sexy pics. She replied that she wanted to apply for a visa to the United Kingdom but did not do so and that sexy pics, “never”. Is that true, Paddy D. ?

Ref. PE447

Audio-exerpt description:  I asked what she had done in Bangkok on April 12, 2018, the day she was pretending to go to the tourism department to get my 100’000 baht deposit back (Cf. PE418). She immediately exclaimed, “I didn’t meet anyone” before I even said anything, then said she met Mumuu M. I then showed her MBK (a shopping mall) and she said she had eaten there after waiting all day outside the entrance to the tourism department. She forgets to mention that she saw Samuel (Cf. PE419).

Ref. PE448

Audio-exerpt description:  I then ask her what she did on April 16, 2018, when I was in Bangkok that evening, to spend the last day with my mom who came alone on holidays in Thailand to see me. Nev had sent me a Whatsapp message that she was sleeping, now she tells me that she met View in front of our place and that they were eaten. It’s funny that she took these pictures in a bar on April 16, 2018 at 11:30pm when she said she was sleeping (Cf. PE421).

Ref. PE449

Audio-exerpt description:  I ask her what she has to say to me about Mickael’s 3000 baht, following the notes found in her projects with my 100’000 baht in which she planned to refund several people (Cf. PE425) but did not do anything about it. She answers that she “maybe I have to refund”, but she preferred to keep the 100,000 baht to herself rather than use 3000 baht to pay him back, which shows how selfish she is and has no integrity and no honesty at all.

Ref. PE450

Audio-exerpt description:  I ask her how she paid for her nose surgery last year (Cf. PE312). She tells me that she used the money she earned by working, that she may have “used some” of mine and the rest was used to pay off an education debt. She lies as much as she breathes, she has never had any educational debt, she has never studied and she had many other projects with my money like a trip to the United Kingdom (Cf. PE309).

Ref. PE451

Audio-exerpt description:  Since she talks in her letter about requests for sexy pics from an Englishman (Cf. PE422), I ask her if she has already sent sexy pics, she answers “no” but she did it with me without asking from the beginning of our relationship so I wouldn’t be surprised if she sent him at his request.

Ref. PE452

Audio-exerpt description:  She tells me that she has never brought anyone here (to our place, the guesthouse), it is another lie (Cf. PE479). She will later say that Lewis B. came to our place, less than twenty minutes and I don’t know if they were just talking as she says because they had already fucked together when she brought him in. I guess Paddy D. also came, just to talk probably.

Ref. PE453

Audio-exerpt description:  After that, she asks me to take her in her arms. She will start by playing the pity card and the poor little girl who feels very bad (this is an episode I have already seen and that she plays very well).

Ref. PE454

Audio-exerpt description:  She starts to say that I only asked her to come back to take everything from her, but I didn’t take anything from her. I only changed the name on my scooter’s papers to avoid her stealing it again and changed the name of the rental contract to avoid her kicking me out because that’s what she was planning to do.

Ref. PE455

Audio-exerpt description:  I tell her that I worked to earn that money but I never got it and her answer is that she is sorry, that she regrets and does her best to get it back. She adds that every night she can’t sleep so much she thinks about it, nevertheless she can easily go fuck with plenty of dudes as soon as I’m away for even a day.

Ref. PE456

Audio-exerpt description:  After finding that her trying to make me feel guilty was not working, she started to be aggressive, like her mother (Cf. PE406).

Ref. PE457

Audio-exerpt description:  She took the trophy that Sam (the dog) won in a contest, a sharp piece of plexiglass weighing about 4 kg that could cause serious injury, and came up to me screaming and repeating, “Do I have right to take this? “; I protected myself by putting my arm in front of my chest, ready to stop her if she tried to hit me with.

Ref. PE458

Audio-exerpt description:  She then told me that after everything happened that day I didn’t come to her, that I didn’t take her in my arms and that I didn’t say anything. Indeed, she disgusted me so deeply and I couldn’t even touch her or look at her without seeing her being fucked by Lewis B., Paddy D., and many others.

Ref. PE459

Audio-exerpt description:  Then she tells me to look at her, which I don’t do, so she asks me, “Am I so disgusting?”. The answer seems so obvious to me that I didn’t answer.

Ref. PE460

Audio-exerpt description:  She keeps screaming at me, then she grabs my arm, I push her back because as said before she disgusts me so much that I can’t touch her or look at her. She claims that I had planned to kick her out and that I took everything back from her. I’m not kicking her out, unlike what she was planning to do with me.

Ref. PE461

Audio-exerpt description:  She screams “Look at me”, but I can’t or else disgust will overwhelm me after the horrors she has done.

Ref. PE462

Audio-exerpt description:  Then she repeats that I only wanted her to come back to take everything back, but I only made sure that I wasn’t kicked out or stolen, she didn’t pay anything. Incredible, she goes so far as to say that she should have loved herself more and that she should not have come back. In other words, she regrets not stealing my scooter and never coming back, yet another fine proof of honesty.

Ref. PE463

1st Attempted Murder

Audio-exerpt description:  She went into the kitchen and came back to me with a knife pointed at me, this girl being out of control I was afraid for my life. She then tried to get me to hurt her so she could accuse me. I slowly took the knife from her hand and threw it on the ground.

Ref. PE464

Audio-exerpt description:  She keeps hitting the doors, and screaming that no one cares about her feelings, so why should she care about other people’s feelings? I’m out of words, what she says is so senseless she’s really not ashamed of anything.

Ref. PE465

Ref. PE466

Ref. PE467

Audio-exerpt description:  She keeps screaming, and punching in the walls, like her mother, guess it runs in the family.

Ref. PE468

Ref. PE469

2nd Attempted Murder

Audio-exerpt description:  She got up from the bed where we were sitting and went towards the kitchen, I looked at what she was doing from the room and I saw her coming back around me with a huge butcher’s knife in her hand, I slammed the door in front of her to be safe in the room. She screams “kill me” and tries again to get me to hurt her in order to incriminate me. The knife is thrown to the ground when she hits the door, and I slide it under a piece of furniture with my foot to put it out of reach once the door is open.

Ref. PE470

Audio-exerpt description:  After pretending to be a poor little girl by playing on pity, and after trying to kill me twice, she comes in front of me crying for me to take her in my arms, I didn’t do it, she walked away and kept screaming.

Ref. PE471

Audio-exerpt description:  She then comes to ask me if I want to break up, what a question.

Ref. PE472

Audio-exerpt description:  Then in an very original way, by crying, screaming and punching what surrounds her, she comes to beg me to take her in my arms, I obviously do nothing.

Ref. PE473

Audio-exerpt description:  She was about to leave, I went to ask her to give me back my iPhone 5, she screamed at me like it was her own and then said “I don’t give you”. I would get it back some time later, once she has reset it using her computer (she paid herself with the money she stole from me in 2017).

Ref. PE474

Audio-exerpt description:  She continues to scream and strike what surrounds her.

Ref. PE475

Audio-exerpt description:  And she comes back crying again. She tries by all the ways to get me to forgive her.

Ref. PE476


Audio excerpts in which she tells me that she didn’t cheat on me, which is just lies.
Ref. PE477

After all this, she went to another room and locked herself in, leaving me in our room with the dog for the night. She had just tried to kill me twice, I locked myself in my room where I slept with one eye open. I was afraid for my life, but I couldn’t leave or she would have stolen me again. The next morning, she left with her things and the dog.

She resumed the conversation by e-mail during the day, in parallel with the Whatsapp messages we were exchanging.

Ref. PE478

It’s a well-known practice, she starts by trying to create empathy by placing the dog in the middle of all this to make me feel guilty about his fate before using her favorite excuse which is to say that she doesn’t feel any love from me. She tells me that she is sorry, that she cannot lose me and offers to stay until she gets her first salary.

When we had these discussions, I decided to write to one of her phone contacts at random, and I took Lewis B. I didn’t know she had continued to cheat on me since we moved to Chiang Mai, and I thought she had only done that last year after I left Bangkok. I was just expecting him to confirm a relationship with her last year.

He is an Englishman, and he answered that he had sex with Nev and had seen her a couple of times. However, he said that it was in December 2017, in Chiang Mai and that he had known her here and had never seen her again. In other words, she went to cheat on me just after I left, even though I had just given her a guesthouse in Chiang Mai without her having paid anything.

Ref. PE479

When I discovered this, I asked her about it on Whatsapp.

First of all, she confirmed that she did nothing while I was away.

Finally, after telling her that I had spoken to Lewis B., she confessed « one time december ».

I insisted saying that Lewis B. had said many times and she went from once to twice.

When I ask her if they did anything in our place, she says they only talked for 20 minutes.

She stayed in Chiang Mai for 2 days before taking a train to Suphanburi. She said she stayed in a cheap hotel in the old town and didn’t stop crying. She had let me know when she was leaving, I guessed she would leave the city by train to go back to her parents in Suphanburi and that she would take the 3:30pm train as she did the previous time, when she stole my scooter and 8,000 baht in cash.

So I went to the train station that day and she was there. I asked her why she had done this, why she had cheated on me and kept doing it in Chiang Mai after we opened a small guesthouse together, I didn’t get an answer to my questions. She hardly told me twice that she was sorry and then her train was leaving so she got on board.

She asked me to ask her to stay, to which I replied that I would not do it.

She has written “I promis iwill never do it again” acknowledging her wrongs, but that is just one more lie. She would have had only one goal in mind if she had been staying, that of taking as much money as possible from me before leaving for good. She has never sent me a single message since she left.

Ref. PE480



  • Since I met her, she has always used the top-up credit system for her phone, although given her usage she would spend half as much with a monthly subscription. She has most likely had problems in the past and can no longer get a subscription from operators.
  • Nev has no driving licence, not even a scooter licence, but has been driving since she was a child. During police controls, she uses her acting skills to pretend, for example, that she has just arrived in Chiang Mai or various other excuses to avoid the fine. When this does not work, she is fined 100, 200 or 400 baht. All my tries to get her to pass her license failed (even if I wanted to pay her), she never wanted to go.

Ref. PE481

  • She advertises a cream called Baby Carott, taking pictures of samples in different places to get a commission. She sends her photos to her friend Salisa T. who, after having got paid, transfers the money to her bank account.

Picture taken from the room of Muong Thanh Luxury Vientiane during a stay she did not pay for.
Ref. PE482

  • I sometimes wanted to check that she was where she was pretending to be when she was going out, and when she said she was going by scooter to the supermarket 300 metres from us, I decided to walk there after she left and neither she nor the scooter was there. Nev is always hiding everything she does, I don’t know where she went because even after telling her that, she refuses to answer.
  • When we were going out in Chiang Mai in the evening, she drank half a bottle of strong alcohol before leaving that she hadn’t paid for, and I had to pay for her nightclub entrance because she said she didn’t have enough money when we were at the entrance.
  • His identity card like his mother’s indicates the same postal address, yet it is not the address to which they live. When I asked Nev what was at that address, she answered that it’s a fictitious address where no one lives. This probably allows them not to be afraid to be found by scamming people.
  • I found out that she had been going through my stuff while I was away and taking the phone my mom had brought me for emergency purposes during her holidays since Nev was already using my iPhone 5. She took pictures of it and planned to steal it from me to sell it. When I told her that I knew about these pictures, she replied that “I was lucky she didn’t take it”. 

Excerpt from a conversation between Nev and ข้าวหอม on Line.
Ref. PE483

  • One day, Nev told me that she would like to offer a grill stand in front of the guesthouse, as there are many in Thailand, and asked me to buy her the necessary supplies and ingredients. I bought a grill, a table, lighting and food (nearly 4000 baht) that she had promised to pay me back. She did that for two days and stopped, never paying me back.
  • She is still illegally using the travel agency license she keeps in her backpack to get agent prices wherever she goes, although she had the license cancelled on March 20, 2017 by getting and stealing my 100,000 baht that I had left as a deposit.

Ref. PE484


She moved back to Suphanburi with her parents.

On May 25, 2018, she posted a message on the dog’s Facebook page offering dog training services in Suphanburi.

Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/sammythebeaglebull

She posts messages on Facebook suggesting that she is just a victim.

On June 16 she went to Kanchanaburi, to the River Kwai bridge and on June 17 to Ayutthaya to feed elephants, celebrating in the evening the birthday of her mother who, I remind you, extorted me 15,000 baht under the violence (Cf. PE406).

The Instagram Stories she publishes:

She deactivated her Instagram account in November 2018.


Nev is an unwanted child of a father who abandoned her after getting his mother pregnant when she was 16, as well as an irresponsible and dishonest mother living on illegal activities with her stepfather and uncle. Nev has nothing to lose and that’s what makes her dangerous because you can’t intimidate her, she doesn’t care about the laws and doesn’t fear the police, like the rest of her family.

She only have sex with foreigners for the one and only purpose of giving her what she will never be able to get.

She lies to everyone all the time. She lies to her colleagues, friends, family, lovers, no one knows who she is or what she has done because she is very careful about her reputation and fears to be seen as the person she really is. Nev has no limits for money and no morals, the banknotes shine in her eyes like a Christmas tree.

These revelations will make her out of control and she is capable of the worst, as she has already been able to demonstrate. She will most likely invent unfounded and incoherent stories created from scratch, as she always does. She will try to look like a poor victim and discredit me because that is how she works.

I’m claiming her today:

  • The refund of 400,000 baht, as well as the 15,000 baht that her parents extorted me under violence.

Pending this refund, THIS SITE WILL REMAIN ONLINE FOR LIFE. The immigration authorities and services will be informed and criminal prosecution will be initiated for double attempted murder with a knife and extortion.

The aim is that she never scams anyone again, neither Thais nor tourists. That she stop stealing money and borrowing money that she will never refund.

There are still A LOT OF LIES and stories to tell about Nev, but this will come in the next updates.

Her contact details:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Phone number: 064-848-9963 / +66 64-848-9963
Old phone number: 061-882-5841 / +66 61-882-5841

Instagram Nickname: theofficialofnev
Old Instagram Nickname: nevtheofficial

Facebook: Suchanan Nakmai (previously Sam Beaglemixed)
Line ID: nevromy
Google Plus: Trevory Navison

Current address (at her parents’ house): 64/29 Moo 4 Supawan 2 Sanamchai Village, Mueang Suphan Buri, 72000 Suphan Buri, Thailand

Other known address:

  • 58/323 Moo 13, Room 1/7, Wongjaroen Building, Soi Nakornchai 3, Khlong Luang, 12120 Pathumthani, Thailand

Facebook friends list:

Ponpot Boonsumran
Kittinan Ktn Somjaipheng
Armand Van Rooyen
Tanyakorn Tammakay
Mumuu Malikson
Kittisak Somjaipheng
Taylor Green
Wanida Kaewkhiew
Kanchana May Yimyong
Jakkit Jaimon
Lita Cambeta
Benjamin Poublanc
Thomas Sorel
Josh Roxas
Vipavee Kipong
Panya Malapad
Iwan Glain
Lewis Bird
Salisa Tublam
Emile Burger
Lambo Hidalgo
Drew Wagner
Conor Walsh
Phillipp Schindler
Cesar Kasiwan
Keng Phanumas
Somjaipheng Kittinan
Kudeedang Uthai
Roma Immordino
Boy Noppon
Pathraporn Aekwat
Bbuk Tseb
Tom Borsboom
Kissada Iamkong
Sam Spencer
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After several months of break-up, you never came back to me with explanations, confessions or sincere apologies. I conclude that I’ve never been anything but a bank to you from the beginning.

All I wanted was your happiness, I gave you everything, and I only asked for honesty. You could tell me everything, I loved you and you knew it only too well; but it is clear that you preferred to let me discover your lies by myself.

You have used my kindness, my love, my trust and my leniency to serve your own interests.

You are dishonest, unfaithful, you are a liar and I have to admit, a very good actress. You are 26, you have nothing, you are unemployed and you don’t have a single degree. You don’t even have a driver’s license to drive a scooter. The only thing you have acquired, to speak English, was only for the sole purpose of ripping off foreigners coming to Thailand. This is what you have always done and if no one stops you, you will continue to steal, lie and take advantage of others.

Nothing, no judgment, no punishment, no revenge can make you pay for what you did to me. That’s the reason why I’ll let anyone know who you really are. If one day you have children, know that I will be there to tell them what you have done.


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